Kids are so very impatient! When can I show them results via candling?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by HeatherLynn, Aug 24, 2010.

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    So the kids are closely following my first attempt at hatching chickens. I have never incubated any eggs with them. So we are 5 hours short of 3 full days and they are very insistent that the eggs must be overdue. No amount of explaining convinces them. My son is positive the chicks are moving in the eggs so much by now that they are rattling the table they are on. They aren't but whatever. So thinking candling them and letting them see would help but really all we could see was the air sac. Nothing else. These are light brown to dark brown eggs. At what point will there be something to show them.

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    If you've never candled eggs before I'd wait till day 10 to candle. On white or light colored eggs someone who's candled before can generally see veins by day 3. Darker eggs are much harder to see.
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    Get a big calender at the dollar store.. Get a red marker.

    Make big X's as the days go by. make pre planned candling dates, lockdown dates with big
    "DO NOT TOUCH!" written over three days. Draw a chick hatching on the 21st day.

    They will love it and if they have any questions they can refer tot he calender!
  4. Silkie eggs I candle on day 3 and can see good veining. Larger eggs or brown eggs I wait from 7-10 days to candle.

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    I love the calender idea. I will have to use it when I hatch again with my grandson. He get VERY impatient! But he loves the baby birds.

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