Choose your team wisely:

  • RL Sour's Pony Tail Crew

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  • OG Queen Overy's Hoofers

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  • LN Huff's Crazy Krew

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Aug 1, 2020
The BATTLE. Join my team if you want blondies and candy canes.
But we now have an alliance so if you join hers you join mine.
No battles, as far as I can tell.
Pick a team, don't whine, and don't get offed.
Saffy has bathroom scales and scapels - beware.
Amer's got flamingos - beware.
Join Black Cat's team... We've got deadly Christmas Lights... Though they haven't been tested yet.
I have an automatic flamethrower and an army of 500 angry aggressive geese.
WAIT! I'm way back at the very beginning, What the heck is happening???
Someone catch me up please!
Finally you came after me tagging you so many times :lol:;)
Who's team should I pick?
You should’ve picked mine! I had been tagging you. That’s ok though :D
I'd recommend not picking a losing one.
I’m dying :lau:lau
Hahahaha I didn’t know that was even a thing
I'll off your whole team.
It’s times like these that I’m glad i only have 2 people on my team so it’s a lot less likely some nitwit opens their big mouth and ruins everything :gig:duc


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Feb 24, 2013
Natrona County, Wyoming
My Coop
Oh yeah, btw if someone like @Fuchsia can be a nutter that quickly, can I be a real nutter now, I joined before her, and I’m super active in stuff like this
Fuchsia has been part of Kiki's party threads in the past. There is nothing sudden about her being a nutter.

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