Kiki's White Trash and or Nerdy Birthday Bash Funeral

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Broody Magician
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May 3, 2009
New Jersey
That is some nice bling!
My Orbs are back. I like having them except when they decide to move their web and walk into it face first!
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For our 25th anniversary the Princess and I went to Hawaii and stayed at the hotel where they filmed 'Blue Lagoon'. Went back for our 40th and stayed at a different place. For memory's sake we went back to that place of our 25th. In the interim a hurricane had struck, and the place had never been repaired. The cabin that we stayed in was all overgrown, but the Princess sent me back there for a photo op. "Okay, now turn around." I did right into the web of a 5 # Banana spider who started banging her web into my face. Many girly screams later and messed undershorts I burst out of that jungle. :barnie
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