Killer of my goslings - Derzsy’s disease (Parvovirus).


5 Years
Jan 7, 2015
Week and a half ago I ordered 12 goslings from Ideal poultry hatchery.
They were :
Gray Saddleback Pomeranians 1male 2 females
Tufted Romans 1 male 2 females
Brown Chinese 1 male 2 females
White Chinese 1 male 2 females
They were so cute and lovely. My kids and I was so happy to see them! I putted them in a small brooder box under the heating lamp. For the first couple of days they were fine...........and then the trouble began. 3 gosling collapsed out of blue and couldn't walk and they were shivering. Died in a couple of hours. After one day the remaining started sneezing and grasping for the air. They started having profuse white diarrhea, ocular and nasal discharge, anorexia, prostration and paralysis.
I lost 5 in 2 days. Right now 3 are paralyzed and the other 4 are so so.
Occasionally, the disease accounts for mortality of 70 to 100 per cent in susceptible flocks when the infection occurs at early age of life. I don't know if there will be some survivors or not.
Loss of of money, emotions and joy.
Would like to know if anybody experienced the similar situation with their goslings?
Sorry to hear what you & children are having to go through, and the losses :hugs Have you notified the hatchery? What makes you say it's Parvovirus/Derzsy Disease?
Yes, I did call the hatchery. They tolled me that they never heard about this kind of virus. They buy eggs from different farmers and hatch them. What makes me say it is Parvovirus/Derzsy Disease? When you start losing gosling like this it makes you spent time on internet and dig through it for hours. First of all the all symptoms they have. And also I found 5 years old posting from few people with similar situation and exact symptoms and they didn't know what that was. This days you can find a lot of info on internet.
Again so sorry you're having to go through this. That's shocking that the hatchery didn't step up & offer to replace your loss. I've no clue with water fowl, barely know chickens but learning thanks to BYC & Members. I hope you're able to save the remaining. Best Wishes:hugs

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