KindaLika Farm...Robert (Jim) Estes


11 Years
Apr 1, 2010
KindaLika Farm. I'm an old member who never introduced himself. I have a small farm in Lubbock county, Tx where, in retirement, I have raised donkeys, pygmy goats, chickens, koi and goldfish over a number of years. We've experimented with several chicken breeds and particularly like the Americana and Cresteds. They are smaller and lay medium eggs, but are colorful and great to free range. Unfortunately, we also have an array of predators.... fox, racoon, opposum, porcupine that can be problematic. We recently divested ourselves of the hobby chicken and egg production aspect, and are going to try our hand at raising a few turkeys....not to eat, but to entertain our grandchildren. I understand Turkeys are more difficult to raise, but this should be another great experiment!

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