Kitten with Diarrhea and Crusty Nose


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Jan 4, 2009
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So my kitten is alert, playing and eating solids. She ate an entire can of Friskies after she ran out of her "authority" canned food. So of course she has runny poo. I've given her 1cc of ammonium after her third stool in an hour. Anything else I can do at this point?
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I'd just be sure she has lots of water, no food until tomorrow, then a little boiled white rice and chicken, gradually easing her back on her regular diet over the next couple of days. A sudden switch can really tear up their system. Hope she feels better soon.
To top it off, she has this brown crust-like stuff on her nose and cheeks. It's hard and will hurt if I pull at it. Ice put Vaseline on there to help with the crust and try to loosen it, but I think it's food that's gotten stuck to her face that she didn't clean off herself. I'll post photos soon. Water is being given for the diarrhea.


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Looks like dried food to me, try wiping her face down with a damp cloth or paper towel after she eats. After the rough start she's had changing her food is even harder on her system than I think it would be for the average kitten that was on the Mom for the normal amount of time. I'd just get some more Authority for her.
She's really cute. Reminds me of a sweety pie kitty my mom had.

The crust could be dried food, but really if it doesn't wash off easily you might check into URI type things...feline herpes (rhino) or calicivirus, plus some other things can cause that type of crust, too. They're not contagious to humans, and most have to run their course, with supportive care as needed. Sometimes they'll have runny eyes, too, sometimes not. If you notice sneezes, nasal discharge, or labored breathing, fluids SQ and steroids and such are usually what's given to get them over the hump. Sometimes they'll also have sores in their mouth.

Hoping she feels better soon.
The crust doesnt look like its from the nostrils does it?? (like she has a cold?)
Must be food if not... weird...
FIP is another biggie to look out for.... think cats can start with runny nose with that??..
The crusty stuffbis on top of her nose, the bridge I think is what we callbit. Her nose is a food shade with no discharge. Her eyes are not runny and there is no sneezing, watery eyes or difficulty in anything at all. She had some milk in similar places that would do this, but I cleaned it off relatively fast donut never built up to this. I have a feeling it's because she "slurps" her food instead of eating like a normal cat.

Thanks for the ideas though but illness isn't really one of the options at this point.
FIP doesn't usually show this early in life. Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience with that in the last 18 months. It usually manifests at about 6 mos - 1 yr, and symptoms always appear to be temporary and then they change. None of the 3 I lost from that ever had any nose issues.

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