Kitty, working on life #14....

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    or is it 15?
    For those of you who have followed Kitty's exploits, she had another close call today. The entire family, me, my SO, the two dogs, the goat, and Kitty took a walk to the other end of our property today. We stopped at our larger pond to rest. As we stood up on the bank overlooking the pond Kitty saw something moving in the weeds at the edge of the water and went to investigate. I, being the mother hen, tried calling her back, worried about what she was getting into; but my SO said she'd be fine. We were both watching the water knowing that whatever she was harassing...a frog or a toad maybe? would head for the water. They headed for the water alright! Not one, but two water moccasins! One of these days she is truly gonna bite off more than she can chew! [​IMG]
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    Don't cats get into the weirdest, worst things? Mine can get into any thing there not aloud to get in to!

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