Know any butchers?


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
Valley Center, CA
I am wanting to raise my own turkeys for meat- but i just dont have it in me (or the time) to butcher and process the meat. Does anyone know of someone or butcher in my area. I live in Bonsall, CA., which is in north san diego county. Thank u in advance for any help.
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Unless you know for absolute certain that you won't have any problem eating animals you raised, I would caution you against starting with a turkey, or even turkeys. Turkey's are slow growing and you will have plenty of time to get attached. My neighbor had the same idea as you, planning to ask me to butcher his turkey. But then he just never asked me... couldn't quite even ask. Until the turkey was massive, broke a leg, and was obviously suffering. So I handled it for him and when I got into it, I found a bird that was suffering from infection in the broken leg and clearly could not be eaten at all. It was a sad waste.

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