know any thing about asil chickens?


10 Years
Jan 19, 2010
i found a white asil rooster for $35. and i was wondering if this is a good price and a little more info on this breed. Also need more info on pheonix and yokohama chickens, i found 9 month old pullets for $9 each and was wondering if this is a good price and if these are good chickens for pets.
White Asils are very rare and would be worth 35. What info do you want to know about the breeds? That would be a decent price for pullets of ornamental breeds. I would say that they would be excellent pets except maybe a little flighty.
i am just trying to make sure they have no "special needs" and are not prone to be mean, i would hate to get them just to have to turn around and rehome them. Do you know if the pheonix and yokohama will sit on their eggs? and thanks SOO much for the help. any thing you know about these breeds would be super helpful.
Tail seems kinda lengthy, but there aren't many other Orientals to cross to make that pure of white. Although one thing I'll say is - $35 is REALLY cheap for an Oriental. Granted it is a rooster and an Asil, not a Thai or Shamo. . . But that's a steal!

Asils are a middle-eastern Oriental fowl, bred usually for, well, you guess it. They're extremely friendly to humans, but in general should be kept away from other chickens.

Oh, and they make GREAT mother hens. They're good for taking care of other chicks, or their own. I don't know of a long-tailed breed sitting on their eggs, though - Don't know much about long-tailed breeds, but I could tell you almost anything of these.
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Thanks so much for the help! I think i will be getting one of these roos, just too pretty to pass up. If i kept him in a seperate area with the yokohamas and phoenix pullets that i am possibly getting, he would be ok with them right? Just not other roos?
Really hard to say. Orientals are supposedly aggressive no matter what gender. I think someone with more experience should say, but he may be okay. Just remember to quarantine him first, then see if he likes them through a fence. That way if he doesn't, you'll know without risk.

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