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    Jan 19, 2009
    Hey yall i am south of Paducah KY and ive been reading a lot of northerners post about their feed stores carry chickens or chicks in the spring do any of OUR feed stores do that?! and if so direct me to one i need to buy them out lol [​IMG]

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    Quote:Heya - you might get more action in Kentucky People - a lot of us are down further south than Louisville/Lexington .

    Down in Adair / Taylor counties, I can tell you that two feedstores near me have chick days in the spring, and TSC in Campbellesville does also. Probably any TSC will have chick days. One of the local feedstores doesn't really advertise, they get chicks in from neighboring farms and sell those - not sure if they order purebreds from a hatchery or not.

    The other one orders from Mt. Healthy and the deal is, if you buy a bag of chick starter, you get 5 free chicks (then other chicks are 1.00 each). The store that does this is Day & Day feed in Columbia (Adair County).

    Day & Day also will take orders (through the end of Feb.) for larger orders of chicks, or certain types and the shipping is way less than a single order, and you end up getting the chicks cheaper than if you order directly from the hatchery.

    almost forgot - Phillips Agri (feedstore) in Campbellesville gets in chicks, also - not sure if you have to pre-order, though.

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    Tractor Supply in Paducah, KY will have chick days. There is another feed store over around Lone Oak that will have chick days. Falders in Mayfield will have chicks soon. I think, Falders will have chicks this week. They have chicks on Monday at the Mayfield trade at the fair grounds. They might have some at Trader's Mall in Paducah. They are open today. Hopefully, I will have about 300 chicks hatching out in about 2 weeks. I hope, this helps out. Rural King in Madisonville, KY has chicks in now.

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