Ladybug has quieted down thanks to BYC!


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Jul 31, 2017
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Just wanted to share a story about my 5-year-old EE hen, Ladybug. A while ago I posted that she would yell and talk nonstop, especially when I was in the yard. Well, I recently moved my chickens to a larger barn and with the help of BYC built a nice new run which has a roofed portion, a dust bath tub, a doghouse, and more shade than the previous run. Even after free ranging for weeks then being confined to a smaller space all four of the hens have been so content and quiet, including Ladybug! She still does some talking (and now crowing! 🤣), but it doesn't seem like nearly as much. They even stay in the run when the door is left open! I guess they really were unhappy in that old coop. 🙁


Happy chickens in their new run. I have since added some straw for them to scratch in. I hope to add more litter like wood chips and a grazing box. Anything else they need?
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Spacious and wonderful.

One thing though -- the chicken wire is not predator-proof. 1/2" hardware cloth is usually a better choice. :)
Yes, I am aware of that (I did a lot of research on BYC). Thanks, though; it is good for others to know that. The run is located within another fenced area where the sheep stay. I have used only chicken wire for the past several years and I have not had a loss to a predator since. And we had constant losses before that! Most of the materials I used for this run are recycled from previous projects. The new run is about 140 square feet.

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