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Apr 1, 2011
I finally got my coop for my 2 hens, Henny Penny(amerucana/EE) and Big Birtha(Buff Orphington). Many of you may think It's too small but I do let them roam around my 3 story backyard in Laguna Beach during most days. Anyways, here are a couple pics!




It's very cute. Yes, it's on the small side (at least the run is). Even if you weren't letting them out daily to roam, that part would be an easy fix - to add more run area. Not sure how hot Laguna gets, but I'd think of expanding your ventilation. A jig saw would be an easy fix for that, and then just like over the little windows - cover in wire. Your chickies look very loved!
Oh...and I'd tack on a "lip" of 2x2 or something around your pop door opening so that bedding doesn't fall down through there so badly (once you get bedding in there).
I think your coop is egg-cellent! It is just the right size for your two gals. Nice that they get to free range all day. I had dogs before chickens - so they get the free-range privileges.

I have to agree with teach1rusl that you should add more ventilation. Your climate is awesome - but I know it can warm up a lot in the daytime and not sure about how much that coop would cool down at night with those dark shingles on top absorbing heat all day. If your coop is placed in a shaded area you might be better off. Heat is more of a problem for chickens than cold. I've had 95 degrees here daily for 4 days and my poor girls are hunkered down in the cool dirt panting!
Awesome, very chic! Your girls look great and you're not too bad looking yourself! I allowed to say that? Anyway. Good job!
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Thanks for the nice replies and for the tips. Also my coop is on the south east side of the house and does not get much light so ill keep a close eye on the heat as summer warms up here. I was really nervous about getting a coop too small but really they are loved and get let out all the time. This morning was funny because they don't know how to use the ramp yet and they stayed in the hen house portion all morning

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