Laid first egg yesterday, sitting in nest making noise today - updated


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Feb 5, 2010
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My RIR laid her first egg at 7am yesterday. When she did it, she made the "bok, bgok" noise for the first time also. Today, she made the noise around 7:40am, and again at 9am (nonstop). When I went out to check for an egg, I found her sitting on the fake egg that I replaced yesterday's with, but no new egg. I had food in my hand, so she came out to check out the food, then when I went inside, she went back to sitting on the fake egg and making lots of noise again. She will stop for a few minutes, then start "bok, bgok" again. Any idea what is going on? Is she trying to lay an egg?

Update: OK, so she just laid another egg in the same spot! I guess all of the noise happened because she was working on it. She started making noise at 7:40 and finally laid the egg (and stopped making noise) around 9:40. Can anyone tell me if making noise for this long is common? I am worried about the neighbors. She was LOUD today!
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