LaMancha Bottle Baby!!


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
South of KCMO
I picked this little guy up yesterday. I've never had a bottle baby before but everyones gotta start somewhere and he needed a home
I'd like to find a nigerian or pygmy buck to trade him for but in the meantime he's getting spoiled
I would call him chocolate???? How much should he be eating and how often?

very cute little guy....
I just picked up 3 bottle baby goats yesterday.....along with a bottle baby lamb and I also have 1 other bottle baby lamb..she was born yesterday and none of the ewes will except her....

Mine age about a pop bottle of milk replacer at a time(for the goats that is)..But I just got them yesterday and today I am gonna see if they can eat grains and hay...Just needed to wait for the day to

(I don't know the ages of the goats, but they are ready to be disbudded very very soon here before it's tooo late....Not sure if that helps narrow down an age or not)..
I have a LM/Nuian bottle baby right now and she is taking about 15 oz of cowcs and goats milk. she is 1 week old Monday. I have had her in the house since she was born to my Nubian doe. He is sure pretty and love his coloring. Where did you get him???
I would try him on about 10 to 15 oz of milk. He seems strong and I use a Pritchard nipple with mine and use the plastic pop bottles. Also dont feed more than 20 oz a feeding and only 3 to4 times a day...they do drink more than Nigis believe me...they ahve big appetites.
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We are bottle feeding a baby Saanen we named Esther, and on her bottle of milk in the fridge I wrote with marker

"Esther milk."

Does his say "Chocolate milk"?


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