Lame chicken due to moldy feed! What to do?

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    Sep 21, 2016
    We've had chickens for nearly 3 years now. Have had no problems up until recently. A bag of food we purchased was contaminated with mold. Our 12 yr old who is responsible for feeding the chickens was unaware that the feed was spoiled.
    Chickens are all fine except for one. She went lame about 5 weeks ago. She was getting whooped on by the others, so I've kept her indoors all this time.
    Give her a bath twice weekly. Hold her when I can to relieve the mild pressure sores developing. Her droppings are light green, mostly watered down.
    She will only eat sliced grapes, cherry tomatoes & diced apple. (Recently began hiding oyster shell pieces in her Apple.) Her appetite has diminished the past week which has led me to syringe feed her using pedialyte & chicken feed. Appetite has returned some. However her legs have yet to gain any strength.
    Will she ever walk again? What should I do differently? I'm expecting another child in 4 weeks. Not sure how long I can continue this kind of care.

    Appreciate any & all responses.

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