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    Aug 31, 2014
    Hello Everyone!
    So last week one of my 7 month old chickens suddenly started hopping on one leg. Her lame leg was pulled up and she wouldn't put weight on it. Ive already checked it out and I think it may be a sprain, but as of now it is not getting better. She was laying eggs up to two days ago and still has a normal activity level. Nothing else seems to be wrong. Three days ago, however, another chicken who is around 5 months old is also limping. Again, he is pretty active and has a good appetite. His leg isn't as lame as the other chicken's. Could it really be just a sprain? My coop is kinda crowded right now so they get pretty crazy sometimes.
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    Could be a sprain. But to ere on the side of caution look into other possibilities, viruses, infections, malnutrition etc. just in case. Best of luck hope its a couple fluke sprains.
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    Take a look at how high your roosts are, and lower them if possible to 3 feet. Place the 2 chickens with limps into cages with food and water for a week or two, and re-evaluate them each week. Give them each a B Complex tablet dissolved in their water. Check the footpads for any redness, swelling, or a black dot that may indicate bumblefoot. Look at their joints for swelling. Roosters at 5 months are kind of crazy, starting to mate, and can get injured easily. I had a hen limp for a whole month holding up a sprained leg, so rest helps.

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