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8 Years
Apr 12, 2014
ok here is the story I gave my neighbor some ducks for his pond couple of months ago they all came back and with another duck and a goose who thinks he is a duck. the problem is the duck a pekin that belong to my neighbor is pretty lame. I think it was from niacin def. when he was young . I don't even know how he made it to my house. I am going to try and round them up and give them back but would the pekin do better with me were he is fed and he has a pool or would he be better off on the pond. I am a little ticked off that my neighbor hasn't come by and help me round them up you know how hard it is to round them up by yourself. I thought I would keep the goose and pekin and another white duck these are the gooses buddy. there are geese already on the pond. I don't know why people think that ducks should stay on the water my ducks spend a lot of time foraging my neighbor looked at me like I have a hole in my head when I tried to explain this to him. With all this rain we have been getting they went under the fence into his field heard my other ducks or me yelling and came on the point is do I keep the lame one or give him back. Thanks .
Keep them long enough to try and help the poor lame guy. I see so many people who "want ducks for their pond", but have ZERO idea of how to care for them, or that they even NEED care! Makes me crazy.
I would also be hesitant to give them back if the neighbor isn't taking care of them. If the neighbor isn't even out looking for them after they went missing it doesn't sound like there is much concern on what happens to them. But I'd be careful if there was any exchange in money for the ducks. You don't want to get accused of stealing.

For the lame Pekin, if it related to niacin deficiency and the duck isn't very old the problem can be reversed with some niacin supplements. If the duck is fully grown, there isn't much that can be done for niacin deficiency. If I understand correctly, the duck is only a couple months old, so niacin should help. It wouldn't hurt the others to get a boost of niacin for a while either.

Did you check to see if it was injured? It may have bumble foot or some kind of physical injury that is causing it to limp. Depending on cause, there are things you can do but they would all require you to have easy and consistent access to the duck. Not really easy if it's at your neighbor's pond.

You might just need to talk with the neighbor.
I wish I could keep them all but I have to many now and with this rain well you know how ducks are with puddles. the goose is a Chinese female I think I will have to take pic. she thinks the lame duck and the other white duck are hers. The people are Mennonites every animal has a purpose the geese are for weed and grass control and duck for bugs. the pond is very nice he keeps it up. I think this duck has been lame for awhile if we have a bad winter he won't make it. if he sees it is lame he will most likely shoot it .I have some young ducks they are on the wild side I will give them to him I don't think they will come back. i am not giving any ducks away again. ha.
hiiomine i did check he is couple of yrs. old there was no money involved he does not care as long there are ducks there.

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