Land property/farming Venture. Would like some information on this.


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Hello, I am doing some research on purchasing land since I am wanting to purchase some land in the near future. I am thinking of hopefully purchasing some 25/30 acres or more of land all depending on the price in the area of ulster, sullivan or orange county NY, or anywhere near that area.

Right now at the moment I am looking to know where to purchase the land as I need to make price comparisons and am wanting to see what would be convenient to do. I am going to use the land property mainly for agriculture as I am not planning to build at anytime.

What I am trying to get info on is if there are any funding, grants or aid for people wanting to purchase land for agricultural use or even for farming. I dont know if there is a way that counties or states help people wanting to do this but it is something that I am researching on as that would be very helpfull. i dont know if some counties sometimes have unused land that isnt wildlife or parks reserved, that they might be willing to sell at a good price.

Another thing that I was thinking about was maybe renting land to make a profit and then purchasing my own, but I am not sure how much land could be rented for, for only 6-8 months of use.

I do appreciate the help on getting the information on this and anything else that might be usefull in the hopes of purchasing my land.
**If anyone currently lives in the upstate NY area of ulster, sullivan, orange county or nearby that might have info on land prices, or of anyone selling or renting land please do let me know as I would be interested.

Thank you very much!

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