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    Nov 28, 2014
    Hi Guys, i have a large chicken run approx 18m x 12m and i keep chooks on one side and ducks on the other - not well separated. The chooks prefer to drink from the pond in there which worries me and the ducks drink the fresh water i put down!! My question is that they run on the soil which here is very dry and floods easily. I get puddles everywhere especially with the ducks. The coops have shavings or straw, but i worry how to maintain my run, conscious of the amount of poo they provide me with! thinking about worms and cocci, not had a problem but they've been running in there now for two years and read about rotation and i cant do that. any suggestions? should i sprinkle the ground with something? the coops get sulphur and pestine and i pull that out onto the ground before i barrow it up?
    Thanks Alison[​IMG]

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