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  1. I am new to chickens and have a question about coops. I intend to have a large flock of about 25-30 laying hens, plus a few roosters. I've done my research and know that, as a rule of thumb, 2-3 sq ft per LF chicken is ideal to prevent problems arising. What I want to know is: Does this number hold true even if they have a large run? I'm trying to explain to the checkbook holder why a 6x8 ft coop would not be large enough. She doesn't want to listen to me and insists that she knows what I need.
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    Can you get her to read some of the threads about housing chickens? You definetly want to give them at least that much room to avoid the problems with over crowding.
  3. I can try. She insists that since i'm the one who wants the chickens I should be the one to learn everything about them, and yet, when I try to tell her things it's like she doesn't want to listen.
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    They definitely need at least that much room, no matter how large the run is. There are going to be days when they want to stay in, and if they are crowded health problems are much more likely to pop up.
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    Sounds like you need a marriage counselor more than chicken advice.
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    Do you live in a mild climate? If so, with a good-sized, covered run (so they can use it rain or shine) you can make the coop just for sleeping and laying eggs. That cuts down on the size requirement. There are also ways to build cheaply (re-using scrap lumber and such). But, if I were told 6x8 was the size the coop would be by the bearer of the checkbook, I'd adjust my flock size expectations to save the peace. You can always build a second coop later, after she's as enamored with the chickens as you are.
  7. ideally I would like to have a coop that is 12x8. She thinks that since they will have roosts lifting them off the floor they won't need the extra floor space. Also she seems to think that just because I've only read something about it, that doesn't make it true for everyone. I understand that she is concerned about how much we will be spending on the coop, and a larger coop will cost more. But if she doesn't know anything about it, shouldn't she at least listen to someone who's at least read about it? That's what gets me.
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    It is really important that the birds have enough space or they will start to bully and kill one another. It can become very serious and they will become cannibals if confined and overcrowded. Plan on at least 4 square ft per bird plus a run. If space or budget warrant a smaller coop then get less birds.
  9. lol. True enough. No, it's not really all that mild up here. I live in Norther CA and it can get quite cold here. The last few weeks have seen up around 10 degrees at night. It can also get hot in the summer, hovering around 100 around the beginning of August.

    I do plan to scrounge as much as I can, like windows and insulation, but the lumber is what's really going to cost.
  10. LOL. Well, family counselor maybe. This is my mother, but same thing applies.

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