Large dog crate - for a brooder


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Feb 9, 2013
little farm, Saskatchewan
I just finished cleaning out an old "petmate pet porter" dog crate that I want to convert into a brooder for the spring. It's 21"wide, 34" long and 29" tall. Anyone have any ideas on how to put heat lamps on or in the thing? I was thinking about drilling some holes in the top and hanging lights inside but, it's made of plastic and I'd be worried it would melt if they were too close to the top... Ideas?

I'm also going to add a bit of thick plastic to the bottom of the door to keep the mess in.
I use a dog crate as a brooder, and I use an EcoGlow so I don't have the worry about the heat lamp. A cardboard ring keeps the shavings inside. I have been very happy with this, so much so I scour CL for free crates to retrofit.
You know, those big plastic storage tubs that are sold at Walmart work great for brooders also. Line with newspaper and throw some shavings on top of the newspaper. Now, if you don't have a curious cat in the house, you don't need a top, but if you do, you can build a framed chickenwire screen to lay on top of it. I happened to have some extra heavy duty shipping cardboard laying around and I used that for my frame and stapled the chicken wire to that. Then just put a 75 or 100 watt bulb (depending how cold it is in your house or wherever) in a heat shield lamp and you can place that right on top of the chicken wire. If you don't use a top, then use the clamp the shield comes with to clamp it to something above the tub.
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