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Mar 1, 2011
Dumb question but i know most people like chicks so they order them.But when people order 25 or 50,what do they do with all of those?Do they sell them or something like that?Im probley gonna end up with 20 by the end of spring,they are just too cute
most of us that order a lot of chicks are either raising them to sell meat or eggs, or to resell at auction, etc. As a side benefit, we get to play with a large flock of beautiful feathered friends.
I think we all end up with a few favorites that are kept just because we love em.

I have 54 layers and 100+ new chicks in the grow pen. What I currently have are for laying eggs to sell. I live on a farm, and have plenty of space and good buildings to expand if needed. Later in the spring, I will be getting 50-75 Cornish Rocks for meat to feed us for a year.

Then there are a few folks that just don't know how to resist Chicken Math.
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Oh okay,i always thought they kept'em,haha...i wish i had room for that many.My limit is 20
People where i live dont buy chickens much except for the fighting ones,which is horrible to do.

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