Large sore/wound, appears infected

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  1. Hi there,

    My Barred Rock hen, Sylvia, has a large sore on her bottom, behind her right leg. I have no idea how/when she got it, as she has been snowing no signs of being injured or sick at all, which is why I hadn't noticed it earlier. It's about 3/4" wide, and about 4" long and looks very nasty, though she's eating, acting normal, and laying every day.

    I separated her from the flock and am wondering if I should try cleaning it or if it would be best to just leave her alone and hope for the best.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?


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    I would clean it with soap and water (or an antibacterial soap if you have some) and put neosporin on it. Nustock cream is another good product to use on wounds, vent gleet, and leg mites, but most people don't have it. Some farm stores carry it.

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