Last Time Ever (?) Photo Gallery of Planet Rothschildi Past and Present


10 Years
Nov 9, 2013
Uno Chick right now:

Eric and Uno Chick and 'Darkwild' in my garden this minute:

This is 'Darkwild' again. Sassy sassy wild bird. Can whoop Number One -- but not Eric!

This is Eric several years ago, with Alpha Chick and Omega Chick, having a swim in the dam. Chicks love to swim.

This is Greedy. No sighting for over two years. I fear she may be dead. Eric the Emu is a 'double alpha' male; but Greedy -- his daughter from the 2009 clutch -- is a super emu. I've seen her take on a dozen emus at a time.

Uno is Eric's 2014 Winter clutch -- just Uno. Here she/he is as a baby, in front of The Famous Fig Tree -- eight seasons of observations around this tree:

My personal favourite photo: Boy Emu nesting, 2012. This photo is rare: you will find nothing like it anywhere on the Internet.

And The Roll Call?
Eric and Mrs Eric
Greedy, Felicity, Number One (here today) -- 2009
Alpha and Omega Chicks -- 2011
Uno -- hatched Winter 2014
And consorts Boy Emu and Noddy Big Ears Emu
And many many more


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