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    We will be out of town, so cannot purchase our chicks, until,we return, since we do not have anyone to take of them for us, while we are gone, hence, the reason for buying chicks around May 20. So do Imhave this correct, they have to stay in house until,fully feathered which is about 4 months, we live in upstate New York, so it will be warm then, so,they can not go,out until end of summer? And they will, not lay eggs inter time? So,that means no eggs until spring, because less light days or other hens do not lay in winter, just starting Tom,at now. We will be getting Cherry edger hens. Advice and comments apprexiated
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    they'll be fully feathered in about 4 weeks, not months.

    You have a coop for them? By the third week of May, it should be warm enough you won't have to keep them in the house at all, but you'll still need to provide a brooder atmosphere where it will be around 95* week 1, 90* week 2, 85* week 3, 75* week 4.....after that, they're fully feathered out and would be able to keep themselves pretty warm. Of course by then it will be the end of june and plenty warm enough.

    you should start getting eggs in the 5 to 6 month range, and yes you can get eggs through the winter. Artificial light on a timer to make them think daylight is longer will help to keep them laying longer, but you won't have to wait until next spring for eggs!

    good luck!

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