Late curling toes?

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    Mar 28, 2008
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    :eek: My Dk Cornish Bantams are nearly 9 wks old, and have been doing well until today I noticed one of the pullets toes are curling inward. It doesn't seem to be hindering her mobility at all, and nothing else about her behavior would lead me to believe she isn't healthy. I've read other posts regarding curled toes, but it usually seems to strike at a day or few and the toes seem to curl under. I'm with the birds at least twice a day everyday and keep a pretty close eye on them. Today is the first time I noticed a difference. Should I be worried or looking for something (or someone) else to be wrong? Please help!
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    Hey there, namesake! People are going to be confusing us, so just thought I'd introduce myself.

    Don't know much about curled toes Just wanted to say hi.
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    Often it is genetic if it forms later in life. Nothing to really worry about, just avoid breeding them.

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