Lavender keeps pecking herself! Help!


6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
Hi, im fairly new to keeping chickens and need some advice please!
I have a Lavender Andalusian who keeps pecking at herself, until she bleeds?
She's also stopped eating and this morning has blood in her droppings?
Any advice welcome :) emma x
Where is she pecking? I'm wondering if it could be lice or mites and she is uncomfortable.

Wouldn't explain the bloody poop but as you are a newb as my kids would say :) are you sure its bloody poop and not intestinal lining being shed?
Hello, thanks for your reply, I'm really not sure, blood spots near to the white part! :-/ slight green grey at bottom of
Poop :(

I'm pretty much on top with regards to mites as use the red mite powder, which says for lice also... Would that b enough?

I've checked her over and can't see anything, but she seems to jump when she's put in the garden and run around ( for no reason to what I can see ) its really got me puzzled :( xx

She's not eating much and drinking minimal :(
All others seem fine, no moulting or anything... Xx

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