Lawn shrimp - Terrestrial Amphipods aka Crustacea: Amphipoda: Talitridae



I realize when the chickens are old enough to fend for themselves in a chicken tractor they will decide what to eat. No problem there.
My question is this.
Each year after a good rain a billion lawn shrimp (yes, I counted every one :wee)
leap out of the watersoaked lawn in an attempt to save themselves from drowning only to die shortly thereafter by getting too dry. If I act quickly, could these lawn shrimp be fed to the chickens? I'm thinking I might have to freeze some to keep them from going bad. Does anyone have any experience harvesting lawn shrimp?
Thank you.
(I'm thinking the question makes me officially crazy!:lau)
Yes, you can feed them to your chickens. Don't know how you would collect them to make it worth your while. I'd just let my chickens collect/eat them, but maybe you don't free range your birds.
Thanks for the okay to feed. I know how to collect the lawn shrimp. They basically commit suicide during rainstorms by leaping into whatever container is handy - flower pot saucers or anything that's handy. Then I just scoop them up in the morning. I used to toss them in the woods or in the trash but now I will give them to the chicks, maybe freeze some for later. My chicks are still indoors for a couple more weeks but will eventually be in an outside coop and will have a chicken tractor.

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