layer crumbles with weevils, feed it???


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i asked this question in the ''managing your flock'' section here, obviously the wrong place. i have 2 -40# bags of crumbles, scratch, and cracked corn that i have had for a while, stored in an old truck tool box. i opened the toolbox yesterday to check on it, and it was full of weevils. do i pitch it all, or can i safely feed any of it??? i'm in the process of breaking up a winter greens garden, and could till it in for organic matter, at least get some good out of it.
Take a scoop out to the hungry birds. If they eat the feed and love the insects as protein, you can probably feed for awhile, but the weevils are likely going to town on that feed and they will have eaten and excreted their waste in all of it soon. You said "for awhile"? Two months? Longer?

Ah, the risks of having too much feed stored ahead. Is it also possible that you bought feed with weevils/eggs/larvae already to go inside, no? If so, your supplier might work with you in replacing some of it.
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You can add some DE to it to get rid of the weevils. OR you can feed it with the weevils included. Lots of good protein for the chickens, and they don't care. Take care that it doesn't have any mold in the feed though.
I just tossed 1/2 bag of scratch the other day that was 5 weeks old stored in a metal garbage can with weevils, but it was also moldy. I accidentally fed a scoop to the chickens unfortunately. I couldn't see the bugs or mold in the dim light inside the barn. My feed never gets moldy because I use it up quickly, but I don't give much scratch, so it had sat around too long. I would dispose of that feed if their is any sign of mold since that could kill in a sufficient amount.

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