Layer feed for POL chickens


Aug 3, 2021
Central West NSW, Australia
Calcium Carbonate passes quickly through the digestive tract, Oyster Shell and Crushed Limestone stay in the Gizzard till they dissolve to a smaller size.

Most conventional Layer feeds that I've bought have Calcium Carbonate and don't have a warning about Male birds. View attachment 2850325

Layer feeds with Oyster Shells that I've bought and currently feeding do have a warning. View attachment 2850326
The feed we randomly bought contains limestone, but no warning about not feeding to males (not that we have any). It has 18% protein, which is actually higher than their grower feed. I may need to look around a bit more...


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Mar 26, 2011
Upper Peninsula Michigan
The label warns against feeding layer feeds to birds under 18 weeks. By that time most males are at close to full adult size, and the extra calcium is not dangerous any longer. My adult flock eats mostly layer feed, with no issues arising in the roosters.

Calcium carbonate is an acceptable form of calcium supplementation, shown by many studies to be adequately absorbed. That does not mean it is the only acceptable supplement, just that it is proven effective in diet formulations.

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