Layer feed or Mixed flock?


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Jan 16, 2011
Sperrassoville, OK
We have 18 layers 1 EE rooster, 1 bantam rooster and 1 turkey. The next time we by feed I am trying to decide what we should get, layer or multi flock? The ladies are just getting to laying or possibly two have started laying.....very pretty pullet eggs with great shells, no jelly eggs, so far.

Would it hurt the Turkey to have the layer feed? Or should we do the multi flock and offer oyster shell to the ladies? They have been free ranging quite a bit but now they are starting to go into the neighbors yard which could be a problem so they may lose some of their privliges I cant watch them every second DARN IT! There isn't a solid fence on the neighbors side and they can also get out into the road from there, so they may be spending more time in the run til we can figure something out.

Any suggestions?


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9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
I wouldn't think it wouldn't hurt the turkey but getting flock feed and oyster shell is what I'd do. In fact it's what I do now since my flock is mixed ages.
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