Layer feed with or without corn???


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Aug 15, 2016
Sorry if this got posted again. We have 3 chickens that are about 15 weeks old and I'm looking into purchasing layer feed. Right now they are on organic grower feed from Scratch and Peck, which they looove. There are two options of layer feed, one with and one without corn. No one in the household is allergic so i'm wondering which one we should get? Will one make tastier eggs???

no corn
i have all my chickens on corn and soy free feed.Cracked corn is like feeding you chickens rocks.
You are what you eat!!!

hope this helps
That is highly doubtful, and I hope you have some published data to back up such a statement. It would not be possible to press or otherwise extract corn oil from cracked corn without mangling it. Cracked corn fed for feed is simply that: cracked corn.
I did some more research and contacted the feed company- apparently for the winter months the feed with corn in it is supposed to be better because it provides more carbohydrates to keep the chickens warm. In the summer months it's best to have a feed w/o corn. thanks for all the suggestions!

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