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Jul 20, 2013
Oh my...I just read that you don't let chicks younger than 18 weeks eat layer feed. Mine were eating starter feed for about a month and about two weeks ago we put them all on layer feed because we let them out with the big girls. We were supplying both starter feed and layer feed but everyone was eating out of both so we decided to just let them all eat layer feed. I have three that are about 10 weeks old, the other babies should be right at 18 weeks. Should I seperate the three little ones for another 8 weeks and give them only starter feed? I hated keeping them confined, they love it out in the yard with the big girls.
Since I have all ages together, babies, teenagers, ready to lay and layers, what can I feed that will be for all of them?
Most people with mixed flocks just use a starter/grower food, or a flock raiser type food for everybody, they are usually around 18% protein and without the extra calcium that causes problems in babies. Just have oyster shell on the side for the layers, the young ones will leave it alone.
Okay everyone may already be on starter feed. I didn't know my friend bought starter and layer as the bags are identical and I have only been feeding from one bag. Checking tomorrow when I go to feed. If they were on layer hopefully two weeks didn't cause any problems. We already have oyster shell out so that's taken care of. Going forward everyone will be on starter or flock rasier until everyone is laying! Whew this site is a life savor! I'm learning so much...Thanks!
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Whew! Checked the bag this morning and they have all been eating starter! Yeah! Panic attack averted! Now off to buy them some more as the other bag I had was layer feed. Will donate that to someone at the barn that has layer chickens.

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