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I read somewhere here yesterday about someone changing their geese' feed to layer pellets... is didn't even occur to me to do that, nor did it occur to me to change the turkeys up (I will be breeding some of them). At what stage should I change them up and do you feed just chicken layer pellet or is there a turkey layer? ....
I do feed Purina Gamebird Layena starting about march here in Texas. That is about a month or so before they start to lay really good here. Chicken layer is ok for the non-laying season but look for one at about 20% protein. They do need starter for at least the first 3 months.
thanks for the response...

I have two month old meaties but I have blue slate and bourbon red that are about 6 months and royal palm and eastern wild that are 4 months... I will have to check my local co-op feed because the other feed stores here are designed for the "horsey set" and only have standard chick starters and growers. So I will have the fellow make me up some turkey layer mix.

My brand of feed comes in Turkey Starter, Turkey Grow and Turkey Breeder. It use to be recomended by the ALBC to feed 28% protein all of there life. I did it that way until they said different. When I started feeding the different stages my turkeys didn't grow as fast and give me as many eggs. I went back to feeding everyone starter. I just like the results better for me. I don't have any pasture. The new ALBC recomendation is based on you also feeding pasture.
Hi Oma... my birds roam around all day with the geese, I actually saw one on the meatie turkeys eating the apples which fell from the trees yesterday, guess they are much like the meat chickens which will eat most anything.... the heritage birds wouldn't think of eating them, they like feed and bugs! lol
Feeding my geese and ducks with my turkeys is kind of hard for me. Not only do they have different nutritional needs, but the amount they eat is different. I don't want angel wings on my young geese and ducks. Geese and ducks do not lay well if they are fat. So they need restricted feed. The turkeys will not lay well if they don't have food in front of them 24/7. I did manage to raise about 70 geese and ducks together with the turkeys with only one getting angel wings. I do think that one got into the turkey feed at a bad time in the wing growth. They are now 3-4 months old and look pretty good. I do think my heritage turkeys would eat apples no problem. I give them whatever extra produce I have. They seem to fight over it like they have a bug. We don't have alot of bugs here. We have ants and flys. I wish they ate more of them. My ducks are better at catching fly's. Nobody touches the ants.

I don't know if you have seen the baby geese. They grow up so quick.

my african grey has angel wings but they didn't have the same feed as the turkeys when babies.... I love my geese (though loud and bossy!) My geese actually admonished a rogue pig that decided he would have a bath in their pond... really very funny!

I love all my turkeys too... everyone is a great forager, thought the geese more mud it appears! lol

You appear to have blue slate, bourbon red and if I see correctly african grey geese as well?... nice birds regardless.
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I have just about every color of turkeys and even some colors not named. What your seeing is a buffs and not bourbons. I do have those too. I love my Africans the most cause they love me the most. They are the best.

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