Laying after being broody.

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    Jun 25, 2014
    My pekin bantam has started laying again, took me by surprise and found two eggs in the coop today. She has been broody and has hatched chicks, only one of the hatched survived and will be 6 weeks old on Thursday. If she's laying will she ditch being a mum. I noticed her acting really peculiar today, she was sat in the coop when I went out which is hiw I found the eggs and after I took them shes been in and out like mad and a little unsettled. I cleaned and added fresh beddig to the nest boxes and when I left she was making herself comfy in the nest box. Could she just be trying to lay again or is it possible shes going broody again? She has had a molt a few weeks after her chick hatched and has been a good mum so far. Is it possible she wants to do it all again or am I just going to find another egg later?
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    That's about as long as they usually remain a mum. Usually they will start laying again within a week or so after they stop being a mum.

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