Laying and Broody at the Same Time? Update: I Guess Not.


13 Years
Mar 15, 2010
On the MN prairie.
This is a new one for me. Yesterday I posted that I thought I had my first broody of the season. Went down to the coop today after DH let them out, to see her out socializing with the rest of the flock. I went into the coop to look for eggs and there was another chicken on Miss Broody's favorite nest. She followed me into the coop, and looked at "her" nest. There was also another hen waiting to lay in that same spot. Anyway, I put a couple of decoy eggs in an empty nest, the one that was waiting immediately jumped into that nest and tucked the eggs under her, flattened out and settled in. So, I went to take one of the decoy eggs to put in the third nest and she pecked me hard! Not a half-hearted, "Would you please leave me alone because I'm trying to lay an egg" peck. It was a "If I could I'd rip your had off!" peck. About 20 minutes later, she laid an egg, tucked it under her and settled back down. Meanwhile, the first one in question has settled on to the other nest. The one in the favorite nest laid her egg and left.

I just didn't know they'd keep laying when they're broody. If both hens are still settled in later today, they're getting eggs to hatch. I'll just have to check daily under the one that laid today to make sure I don't get eggs at different stages of incubation under her.
Well, the one that laid her egg and tucked it under is now off the nest. Maybe she's just starting to think about it and will go broody soon. (She'll be a year old in May) The one I first suspected is hanging tight on her decoy eggs, so I will give her some eggs this afternoon, shut that part of the coop off before the rest of the chickens go to roost for the night and send the ones who roost and lay in that part of the coop into a complete dither. They'll get over it, they always do. This is why we built the coop the way we did.

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