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10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
Forsyth County
I am a junior at North Forsyth High. I am planning on opening a small scale hatchery. I just purchased a large Dickey Incubator, which will hold a ton of eggs. I am going to be hatching large breed chickens. I am looking to obtain my breed pens. Does anybody close to me have large breed hens and roosters for sale?
I have 2 trios of adult Welsummers and a flock of 5 hens and 1 rooster Black Australorps. These are from my personal breeding pens. Because of addition of new lines I have run out of room.

You probably can find some good birds at the swap in Cedartown Saturday. Pm if you are interested and I will price these flocks.

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The Welsummer and the Australorp flocks are for sale. I also have some BLRW that are 3 mos and I have some Buckeyes 3mos for sale also.

If you want mixed eggs I have them

The rooster is a Black Jersey Giant and my hens are a Barred Rock and Cochin
I havent hatched any from the cochin yet cause a dog attacked her and she stopped laying when I was gathering for the incubator last time. I just threw 2 or 3 of hers in.
All my barred rocks hatched last time and none have died.

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