Laying eggs on the floor.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by billmac, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Apr 10, 2009
    After weeks of work, I finally get the new duck coop done. I put in 4 nest boxes with plastic litter pan inserts for easy cleaning. The pans are filled with clean fresh shavings. I also put in a golf ball. (the boxes are floor level)

    So of course, the ducks are laying on the floor, literally anywhere. Muck, water, it doesn't seem to matter. Plop, any old place will do.

    Will putting real eggs in the pans help? Is hay a better nest material than shavings?

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    There is no way of teaching them to lay in the nest all the time. I have a mixed batch with mine. Sometimes all eggs are in the nests, and other days half of them are on the floor. I have to say the have gotten better at it. There used to be more eggs on the floor. It is just what it is. I do wash my eggs each day. I use hot tap water and a few drops of anti bacterial dish washing liquid. Let sit in it for one minute and brush them clean where needed. A old toothbrush helps with some of the dirt.
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    Aug 12, 2010
    Quote:Try putting in more golf balls. At least three or four . . . so move all the balls into one nest box and see if that will encourage them to lay in it. Also, if you're finding eggs in the water, or outside the coop, you may be letting them out too soon. If possible, let them out later and later until all the eggs are being laid in the coop.

    Otherwise, as has been said, ducks are a bit lackadaisical about where they lay. About the most you can hope for is that they use the nest box most of the time.
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    I am sorry to laugh but I am so wanting my girls to just stop burying the darn things!
    The girls that lay them on the floor are my good girls and the ones that lay them in the nest boxes are my great girls but those that like to bury them in holes and hide the darn things so I have a massive egg hunt every morning are just rotten, heathen girls! LOL

    Good luck with the eggs and enjoy the great taste!

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