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    I have had 2 eggs that have been dropped from the roost bar before I let them out in the morning. Apparently this hen, a black sex-link, hasn't gotten the idea of nesting before dropping her egg. I don't know if she is dropping them at night when she is too drowsy to move, of the hour between sunrise and when I let them out. The shells have been soft, they have free choice oyster shells but don't seem to eat as much as I would think they should. The first one had a blood streak on the yolk. Mostly I'm concerned that she is not making an effort to nest.
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    Is she a new layer? Sometimes they start out a little wonky and need a few weeks to get laying normally and regularly and get the hang of the whole deal. She might just need time. If the shells are soft and she is new to this then they might be a surprise to her which is why she is not making it to the nest.

    If it continues to be a regular problem over an extended period of time and you know she has enough calcium it could be a calcium absorption problem (you could try providing vitamin D) or a more complicated reproductive problem. But, two eggs really isn't enough of a pattern to know that something is wrong.
  3. I doubt it is a dietary deficient situation. Young pullets lay softer, often much smaller eggs and seem to sometimes have absolutely no idea they've laid an egg from the roost. "What was that?" They don't even seem comprehend the difference in passing a poop or an egg, yet. They'll figure it out. Some of quicker than others.
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