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    Jun 21, 2009
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    I have ten laying hens. They are almost 2 yr old (DOB 7/10). I can't
    keep them any more because I'm too busy with my job. They are good
    layers (medium, large and extra large brown eggs), laying thrYourLinkGoesHere ough
    winter. They are Black Star, red star, Barred Rock and buff
    orphingtons. All of them just finished molting on March. Now it's
    their peak time laying eggs. Want fresh eggs? Come and get them.

    Sorry but I will not do shipping. They are only available to pick up. Delivery will be available in NYC for minimium $20 depends on location.

    This bid price is for one hen only.

    Buy All of them Now for $50 dollars.

    Welcome to visit my home page.

    Thanks for looking!

    Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

    Hens listed:
    1 Red Star
    2 Black Star
    4 Barred Rock (the broody hen)
    3 Buff Orphington
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