Laying Location - Will they learn?


13 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
MY FIRST-A bit small, but perfect! I am so psyched!!! 22 Weeks and 4 days later... Not sure which girl gave me this beautiful specimen. I have Golf Balls in the nest boxes, but someone left it on the floor of my run. I suspect it was one of my RIRs.
Will they catch on? or should I do something more? Not much I can do really - they don't lay on demand...

It's very likely that she just didn't know what was going on when she laid the egg. That happens.

However, if she continues to lay in the run, it will be in your best interests to watch her when you're home - and notice when she's acting like she needs to find a place to lay - and then put her in the nest box, to help her get the idea.
When our girls first started laying we found three eggs in the run like, punkinpeep said I think they just fell out cause they didn't know what was up. Our figured it out quickly have had no trouble since.
No worries!
Your chickens are 2 days older than mine, and I'm still waiting. I have golf balls in the nest boxes, and find them on the floor alot, so I know they are at least going in there. I look everywhere a couple times a day to see if there is an egg. I think your chickens will catch on.

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