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Generally, during the laying season, I think Pekins can lay 5 or so eggs a week. If she was laying regularly then suddenly stopped, you need to very carefully see if she is egg bound - that can be fatal.

Other things that affect laying is too much mating, change of diet, trauma, injury, infection, other significant changes in her routine or location.

How old is she, how long had she been laying, are there drakes?

Rule of thumb is 3 or more ducks (females) per drake.
I don't have a drake. she just turned a year old. She hasn't been laying very long . she was only laying a egg or 2 a week. I feed her cracked corn and I bake eggshell every now and then for her. Would getting a drake help ?
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She needs a better diet. Corn doesn't have enough nutrients to support egg production. She needs a layer feed.

She laid one today

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