laying this year?


8 Years
May 1, 2011
I have a peahen that is 2 years old and the males are trying to breed with her but she doesn't seem to want anything to do with them, it is mid April but it doesn't stop snowing here in Minnesota it seems like jw if you think the peahen will lay eggs this year and if so when will she start!
I don't know the answer to this but think those that might know may want to know
how old the male is and has it gotten any warmer where you are...
I think the weather has alot to do with it as well....believe more mating goes on
once the weather warms up, so to speak....
if this is wrong info, someone will correct, but I was told mid-May thru August is
their mating season (subject to weather conditions)..

good luck! 2 of mine have mated for the first time and my Peahen is 2 and my Peacock is 3 yrs old...
so excited!!
my 2 year old hens don't lay until later in the year and by then the males lost the trains. Some others say they get a lot of eggs from 2 year olds but I never did. I get maybe 4-5 eggs each but not fertile ones.
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Mine as a 2 year old laid I think 4 eggs, and my 2 year old male had no train that year. One egg did hatch on July 6th, so it must have been late May/early June when she laid the eggs? Daylight length plays a bigger role than temps do. We still have snow too, I haven't gotten any eggs yet. Should be soon!

Editing to add that I found the old post It looks like she laid three eggs then apparently laid some more? And the first three apparently all had movement at the first candling.
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The male is 2 years old has a 2 foot long train maybe more about 25-40 eye feathers and we just purchased a 3 year old and he has been trying toate both them for the last few days with no luck from what I've seen
O and sorry the weather has been very weird snow 60 degrees more snow now its 65 here today and sunny and suppose to stay warm now
We have also been having very strange weather, i wake up and don't know wheather to put on shorts or longjohns and thewinds have been non stop wicked
My Taupe pen had an egg laid in it but I doubt it's fertile.My purple pen has been getting a slow start. They laid 5 eggs while still inside their inside pen 2 weeks ago,,then 3 once they went outside and one more was laid last night. We had frost advisories here last night but the weekend it's supposed to warm up into the '70's and maybe spring will finally get here and stay.
Just found my first egg o' the season today. My Bronze hen has been the first to lay every year for the past three.

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