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    Jul 14, 2011
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    I got four new hens and a rooster on Friday when a fox killed three of my hens. The man that I got these four from told me that they had stopped laying for the winter and he hadn't gotten any eggs for a couple of weeks. I took them because I have a really BIG hen house for when my hatchlings grow up so I could keep a dozen or so hens. Problem number one, out of two hatches, I have 11 cockerals and only 6 hens. Problem number two, my 6 hatchling hens won't be laying until spring time. So, in the meantime I took in these four new girls and put them in quarantine in my small hen house which is close enough so they can see each other, but not interact. Yesterday I went out to lock them all in their respective houses for the night and found a small brown egg in the little house so one of the new girls started laying again? Today I found two small brown eggs in the same house so that means two out of four have started laying again? And in my big house, I found three eggs, where there are only two hens that are old enough to lay since my other three girls got killed Friday. I am confused by regular math, and chicken math makes me want to bang my head on something, but any ideas on why the four new ones started laying again or how I came to get three eggs from two chickens on the same day? And I pulled the eggs out of the big house yesterday, so it's not left over from then. I am certainly not complaining about getting five eggs in a day again, which I didnt think would happen until spring time, but I can't figure out what's going on out there.

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