Laying while roosting???

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    May 3, 2016
    I have two 12x12 horse stalls converted into chicken coops. They can be separated from one another but currently are open to each other so the the girls can freely go between the two spaces. Both have nesting boxes food water and roosts and roofed outdoor run attached. My 14 originals are 11 months old and have been doing great. Around Christmas we introduced 4 isa brown girls they were about 14 weeks old at the time and were in the one coop by themselves for several weeks but could see the others through the wall that separates the coops. Since then they have been inter mingling for several weeks after they started laying consistently for about two-three weeks. My problem is that I have one that lays her egg while roosting!!! Every single time!!! I narrowed it down to her and even tried putting her into a large dog crate that was placed right up to the nesting boxes so she would be encouraged but still laid her egg wile roosting even in the cage!! I have added other boxes even on the ground hoping she will try somewhere else!! The reason it's a problem is that sometimes the egg is cracked because it's falling and hitting the shaving covered ground and other times it's so covered in chicken poop that there is no way I would ever feel comfortable consuming!! I just don't know what else to do!! Any suggestions???
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    Here are my thoughts/suggestions.
    It seems that your hen is a night time layer. Not common, but very much occurring. If she roosts in the same position/place every night, then install a hammock to catch her eggs. Keep the distance close to limit the air time. (drop distance) There will also be a few gumdrops there from overnight, but it should not be awful. Placing wood shavings in there will keep egg and gumdrops separate to a degree. Wash your eggs when soiled and consume. The coating on eggs protects the interior from bacteria entering. You can use a mild solution of bleach in your rinse water to further clean.

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