Lazy cockerel? Or just a happy roo?


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May 25, 2020
U.S Virgin Islands
Just curious...
Being a new chicken mom, learning alot about our little roo.

Nothing has been out of the ordinary (other than the receiving of our new addition into the family)...
Mini back story... Baby chick, Milo, was dropped at our feet by a hawk... That said he is out only chicken, at least as of now. Milo has made his way into our little family and has become very attached to us and our puppy (they are literally pals, well siblings).

I'm curious though,
Are Cockerels lazy?
Cause pretty much have his schedule down pact.
Wakes up between 4-5am... crows, hunts, eats feed.
Around 7am takes a nap till around 9am...
Then it's back to hunting and eating feed till around 11am...
From 11 am till about 5pm Milo remains pretty chill and lazy... taking dirt baths, sunbathing, hunting here and there... but mainly just lays next to the puppy or myself.

Then 5pm comes around and Milo is chowing down and in bed by 7-8pm.

My question I guess is maybe why Milo is lazy? Is it normal?

Could it be that he feels safe? And is taking life easy? Which wouldn't that be a good thing? 🤔🤔

Oh and Milo eats plenty, drinks plenty... acts from what I can tell like a chicken lol.
Just also kinda like a dog (being lazy and cuddles). 🤣🙈


In the Brooder
May 25, 2020
U.S Virgin Islands
Lol good! Was thinking maybe he was too lazy.

Here is 2 from today and him being cuddly


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