Le Chateu De Pork......Pigs are Home! Lots of Pics!


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Apr 29, 2007
Hubby and I are venturing into pigs! We have 3 2 sows and a Boar that need to come home! THe breeder has graciously kept them for us as the weather kept us from building a suitable shelter. Luckily the last 2 weekends have been nice enough. I had lumber delivered last friday and we got our area cleared and started building. We got the floor joists and 4 x 4 's in last week. Yesterday we added some extra support on the floor and got one half of the floor boards down, both long sides and started on a short side. The entire pen is 12 x 12 and will be divided in 4 sections, for right now, the porkers are still young so we are getting a 6x12 section done to be able to bring them home and then will finish it up the next few weeks. Each pig will have a 6 x 6 section when we are done, gates will go into each section for ease of moving Boar in with the sows and the 4th section will be for piglets after they are weaned.

I will get pics today and post, we are supposed to go pick them up this afternoon. Flo, Alice and Mel will be home!

Got finished enough today to bring home Flo, Alice & Mel

Construction on the Pig Chateu



The Little Porkers!

Flo on the Right, Mel in the middle and Alice on the left


What Chubby Faces!


Alice Close Up

Mel Taking a Break (in the middle)

Flo and Mel taking a nap

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Aww, I love piggies!
They are so smart, they will need some tough toys. Our piglets liked Kongs and those virtually indestructable balls for horses, a length of chain attached to something to mouth and bite, and anything they can get their nose into. They also loved the hose with water coming out.

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I was wondering what toys to get, I have a Kong none of the dogs play with, thought about a Jolly Ball too.
Honestly, they will play with a cardboard box, but it will be a sopping saliva-covered mess of small pieces shortly....and then they will try to eat it.

I think the more durable toys are better. The ones we had also liked squeeky toys, but you have to be really careful they won't get ripped up and destroyed in a few days. Pigs are very strong. We only gave to piglets the squeeky toys up to max. 70lbs.
They love to root with their noses. Puzzle toys would probably be fun, like the ones that are a ball or a cube with compartments inside for dogs that the treats come out of.
Hope this helps.

And if you give them scratches and back rubs and treats, they will be your friend, lol.
These guys will top out between 600 & 800 lbs (Mel will never get that big before he takes that one way ride)
The breed they are root horribly so the raised pen is really for their safety and cleanliness too.

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