Learning about breeding?


6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Hardinsburg, Ky
This Spring I purchased 4 red sex links, & 2 Speckled Sussex chicks. Rehomed 1 SS because they were both cockerels.
Now I'm hooked!!!
I have hatched 5 baby "mutts" from them, just to see if I liked it. And I now have a pair of Buff Orphs (5weeks) and added a SS pullet to make a pair of them.
I have pretty much decided that I would like to breed these 2 pairs to sell the chicks.
Looking for advice on becoming a breeder. I know I will learn as I go, & want to start small, but eventually get bigger.

Any links or advice would be awesome! Thanks in advance!
My guidance would be very simple. Find the breed you really wish to focus on and begin. Go to several poultry shows and catch the energy of this poultry world and find a mentor who can teach you. Start with the highest quality, breeder select stock you possibly can.
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Well I may wind up just started with my BO's next Spring. Because my SS roo may not make it that long. He is NOT very nice! I gave him a pass when he attacked me once, but he's getting a bit froggy again.
Would I even want to breed an aggressive rooster?
Would that pass on to the chicks?
I would not breed a man hunting rooster.

My point is and still is that merely propagating is easy. Actual breeding, improving a line of birds for better color, conformation, health, vigor and true to the Standard type is breeding. It is an art which takes skill and is a life long endeavor.
Well, I guess I will technically be starting out as "propagating" then. It will take time to learn all off the rest.

I have 3 main goals.
1- Learning
2- Enjoying my chickens
3- Helping others around me to experience the joy of chickens
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