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    Hi.my name I Tracy and we got 8 Wyandotte chicks in early March, ever since we put them in the coop, its been chaos. We are Down to 4 because they would not go in at night. We now have a run for them so they can come out of the coop and roam a little, safely. My question is, when do we dare let them roam free? We do have a light in the coop. Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :) Try posting in the "Managing Your Flock" section.
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    Sounds like they were very young when you put them in the coop. If they won't go in, you have to put them on the roost or at least inside the coop and lock the door. Night time is ripe for many predators. You didn't mention how you lost some - was it was cold/illness or predator attack? If they were taken by predators, you will have to except the same if you free range them. Generally people lock the chickens in the coop for 2-3 days or so (with food and water), so they imprint on the coop being their home, and will return at dusk to the coop (if nothing has eaten them when they are outside.)
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    Hi and welcome to BYC - DD has given you some great advice, so i will just say hello [​IMG]

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