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May 8, 2015
North East, UK
Hi all my hen had a chick on Friday, I moved mother and baby into their own coop and run. I'm a little bit unsure what to do, the chick keeps getting out the coop area and into the run, it's then unable 2 get back into the coop. I've put up a temporary block 2 stop the chick from getting out the box( leaving enough space for mam 2 get in and out) however the little explora keeps getting out into the run. Mam and chick are now laid up in the run, she never leaves it's side and I've put lots of bedding in the run for them. Mam and chick seem happy and healthy eating and drinking well. I'm out there loads of times during the day and last thing I do before bed ensuring they are ok.

Just wondering do I try put chick back in the nest in the box or leave them be?
Is the chick squeezing through fencing that mama can't fit through? Is that why the chick keeps getting out?

I usually use a pen and then put a foot or so of plastic (taped) along the bottom so tiny chicks can't squeeze through and become separated from their mama. If they get separated it can easily mean a death sentence.

On the other hand if both the mama AND the chick are together in the run and there are no predators they should be fine, just make sure they have access to food/water and some shelter.
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Hi sonya9 thanks for reply, I put a wall up in nest box thinking baby wouldn't be able 2 get over that 2 get into the run, how ever the smart thing seemed 2 get over lol. No chick can't get through fence so is always with mam, it just can't get back up the steps into the nest box so stays in the run area. Mam always stays with chick, I have a dog that doesn't bother them but puts predators off and I'm always out checking chicks ok. I've got food and water supplies in both box and run there's shelter in the run for them. Just didn't know if they should of stayed in the nest box area of the coop, read somewhere about how they ain't meant be outside for the first 4/5weeks

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